What's there to get?

Acromonia offers CDs (hardware or digital content), Shirts and Patches. Sadly there are distribution channels for the music only. Here you can order hardware or find them on most of the current streaming services. But those're the more important things anyway.

If you have no chance to catch us at a gig but wanted a shirt or patch really bad: Write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask if it was possible to do something about it.


From Hell's Heights into Heaven's Abyss - CD/LP 2016

  • 01. Harbingers
  • 02. Beyond the Brink of Dreams
  • 03. Glutton
  • 04. From Hell's Heights
  • 05. Into Heaven's Abyss
  • 06. Slayer
  • 07. A Heart's Decay
  • 08. Borderline
  • 09. RiffRaff
  • 10. Soul Shroud
  • 11. Freedom Inc.
  • 12. Dance of the Eternal
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Human Downfall - CD/EP 2012

  • 01. Paranoia
  • 02. Pariah's Death
  • 03. The Paralyzing Feeling
  • 04. Don't Fear the Dead
  • 05. Human Downfall
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Shirts & Patches

Sadly there are no pictures yet. But no worries they will be handed in later. So just come back a bit later.