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 03.06.2016  Album Release Show "From Hell's Heights into Heaven's Abyss", Kreatief Neckarsulm, with Circle of Silence and Dawn of Revenge

Past Shows

24.01.2015 Kreuz, Obermarchtal, with Chaossphere, Loss of Charity
19.07.2014 Sunstorm Festival, Nordheim
08.03.2014 Marv & Mick's Mega Metal Massacre, Öhringen, with A Dream Called Nightmare, R.A.P.E.D., Norphobia
01.06.2013 Mosh in der Villa, Ludwigsburg, with Maersung, Inner Sanctum, When Prophets Fail
27.04.2013 Blood Feast 5, Waiblingen, with Revealing Dawn, Killing Age, Crimson Death
20.04.2013 Solar Flare Festival, Neckarsulm, with Tales of Nebelheym, Opus Irae, Dieversity, Cypecore
23.02.2013 Larceny CD-Releaseparty "My Fall", Biberach an der Riss, with ETECC, Loss of Charity, Larceny
13.10.2012 Static Noise, Berwangen, with Time Will Prove, Ichorid, New Born Hate, I Spit Ashes, Davidian, Maintain, Postmortem
27.07.2012 Viel und Draußen 2012, Heilbronn, with Dawn of Revenge, Skepsis, Hard Riot, African Corpse, Soilid, Circle of Silence, Drone, Bloodwork, The Prophecy²³, Hackneyed
30.06.2012 'GREEN MACHINE LASER BEAM' Release-Show, Gleis 3, Neckarsulm, with AndiOliPhilipp, Blutgericht, The Prophecy²³
15.06.2012 Metalfest, LKA Longhorn, Stuttgart, with Larceny, Setting Fire to Solid Ghosts, Reloaded Road, Syrence, Loner
09.06.2012 Sunstorm Festival, Bönnigheim, with Michael Eb, Moto Jogo, Unrated, African Corpse, Dawn of Revenge, The Prophecy²³, Glyzerin
27.05.2012 Betonbruch 2012 Festival, Mobilat, Heilbronn, with Screaming Lunchbox, Linchpin, My Humble Self, Blue Veins, OneInchMan
12.05.2012 Metal Infection Part II, AKK Karlsruhe, with Zerfall, Opus Irae, Rabenholz
31.03.2012 Kreatief, Neckarsulm, with Demorphed, Storm of Pain, Inevitable End
30.03.2012 'Human Downfall' CD-Release-Show, Neckarsulm, with Storm of Pain, Dawn of Revenge, Crimson Death, Circle of Silence
02.12.2011 Kreatief, Neckarsulm, with Thy Bleeding Skies, World to Ashes, Dawn of Revenge
15.10.2011 Combacktrip 1-jähriges Jubiläumskonzert, Jugendhaus Bietigheim, mit Sin or Saint, Eyes of Khyr, Crimson Death
22.09.2011 Gleis 3, Neckarsulm, with Emerald Sun, Circle of Silence
04.09.2011 Ganzhornfest, Neckarsulm, with Violet Leaves, Superwiser, Born in Chains, The Prophecy²³
17.05.2011 Metal im AKK, KIT Karlsruhe, with Cantus Levitas
14.05.2011 Grabbenacht, Stadthalle Neckarbischofsheim, with Painsaw, Wolfram Stuhlgang, Zombieslut, Circle of Silence, Darkness Ablaze
30.04.2011 Circle of Silence Album-Release-Party "The Blackened Halo", Bürgerhaus Böckingen, with African Corpse, Bastard Nation, The Prophecy²³, Circle of Silence
23.04.2011 Blood Feast II, Rockpub Waiblingen-Neustadt, with Crypts for the Living, Crimson Death
16.04.2011 Metal Underground 2, Kreatief Neckarsulm, with Reason to fly, Deathtiny, Cantus Levitas
25.03.2011 Metalcafé 2011, Gleis 3 Neckarsulm, with Storm of Pain, Born in Chains, Fateful Finality, The Prophecy²³
17.12.2010 Kreatief Neckarsulm, with Deathtiny
10.12.2010 Rockcafé, Gleis 3 Neckarsulm, with The Cursed
12.05.2010 Rockin' School VI, EHKG Heilbronn, with Firelake, Bad Taste, Cantus Levitas
20.03.2010 Fear Dark Festival, Gleis 3 Neckarsulm, with Olden, Dark Letter, Circle of Silence, Random Eyes, The New Black, Seventh Angel, Powerwolf
19.02.2010 Metal Underground, Kreatief Neckarsulm, with Necropolis, Licksalt, Cantus Levitas
16.01.2010 Metalcafé 2010, Gleis 3 Neckarsulm, with Bringing back Friday, Born in Chains, Circle of Silence
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